Hi, I'm René

I love a Crisp, Clean, Bright & Airy Style of Photography
Located in the Annapolis, Maryland Area

   And these are my peeps! My super supportive Husband, Michael, along with my 3 children, my DIL, and now 3 grandchildren. I'm a definite Family First kinda girl. Watching my GrandBabies most days before I pick up my camera- and I'm so grateful I GET to do Both! I'm all In for sunshine and travel... especially when it comes to traveling to warm places with lots of sunshine! And so far, a private Island off the coast of Belize was the pinnacle of my travels. Catching fresh lobsters for dinner, paddle boarding atop our own natural aquarium, swimming with sharks, sting rays and tortoises are all things I never even imagined putting on my Bucket List! Blessed!
   I can't wait to come alongside you, on whatever adventure you dream up,
 and capture the priceless memories of your here and now!

 Cynthia Herrick, an acclaimed and published wildlife photographer, has had a love of the arts for many years. A wife and mother first, professionally Cindy is a visual designer and illustrator and, most recently, my business partner. Not long after meeting, we became more like family, connecting deeply through interests, values, and a mutual love of chasing light. Our love for photography grew into the duo that is René & Cindy! 

And this, is Cindy!



Lovely little details that should never be overlooked. You've spent so much time picking out "Just the Right Ones"... Sentimental or otherwise.


The rise and set of the sun, animals in their natural habitat, wildflowers blooming in an open field or in our own gardens, we love the beauty of God's creation.



In the busyness of life, it can be easy to forget to savor the little moments together. We cherish our families, and friends who feel like family.


Be generous, kind, forgiving, loving, big-hearted and most of all Grateful for each Blessing in life.

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